@PurpleGeth – General writer of all topics, Studio Pierrot expertise.
@Bloodyredstar – General writer of all topics. Im@s crew appreciator.
@vanjilost – Token dumbass.
@RonSnow – El Ronald. Arsty anime lover. Will focus on giving attention to obscure, artsy anime (and honestly, also failed artsy anime). Rintaro is his favorite anime director.
@xaryen – Writing about ufotable and other furniture of alien variety.
@FARfromani – My name is Federico Antonio but you can call me FAR or Fede! Fan of expressive plurality in animation in love with subtle character animation and euphorical cartoony manipulations.
@sakyuuga – Cutest sakubuta.
@aIecchi – ufotable and toei cop.
@kbnet – Nate A.M. Sakkan but for words.