Join us on a brand new sakuga-filled adventure, a sakuventure!

We’re at a point within the anime community where interest in production staff, and the happenings behind-the-scenes is at an all-time high. More and more fans are finally starting to realize that there are talented creators behind their favorite cartoons, and it is in fact worthwhile to get to know them better! While the crowd focusing on studio names and brands above all else will inevitably persist (and will likely always make up the majority, mind you), through this blog our goal is to cultivate the former. That is to say, the side of the community interested in learning more about the art of sakuga! If you find yourself in that group then you’ve come to the right place. Ideally, you can expect from us detailed and in-depth (but still newbie friendly!) articles covering the following:

  • Weekly coverage of popular series
  • Weekly coverage of animation highlights across the industry
  • Animator Spotlights
  • Post-series wrap-ups (if a series isn’t loaded enough to cover weekly, we can tackle the whole thing at the end)
  • Occasional interviews with animators, directors, etc. (industry staff)
  • General articles focused on iconic creators, episodes, movies etc.
  • Q&A/Feedback with questions submitted by the community.

Okay that’s great, so who is “us” exactly?
This blog will be run by dedicated members of the sakuga community. While none of us have extensive backgrounds in creative writing, what we do have is a love and passion for animation which we would like the share with you, the reader!

Writing team:
@PurpleGeth – General writer of all topics, Studio Pierrot expertise. @Bloodyredstar – General writer of all topics. Im@s crew appreciator. @vanjilost – Token dumbass. Trying to specialize in western cartoons, the occasional post about anime’s gonna slip through though.
@MystoSakuga -Seasonal Sakuga maniac, focusing on most studios across the industry.
@RonSnow – El Ronald. Arsty anime lover. Will focus on giving attention to obscure, artsy anime (and honestly, also failed artsy anime). Rintaro is his favorite anime director.
@xaryen – Writing about ufotable and other furniture of alien variety.
@FARfromani – My name is Federico Antonio but you can call me FAR or Fede! Fan of expressive plurality in animation in love with subtle character animation and euphorical cartoony manipulations.
@kyuudere – Cutest sakubuta.
@aIecchi – ufotable and toei cop.

I hope with this lineup you can see we have a very diverse and wide array of writers, coming from all sorts of backgrounds and levels of experience. This box of chocolates approach should keep things interesting and hopefully allow us to cover all sorts of topics. Moreover, we aren’t opposed to adding more/guest contributors if the interest is there. As of right now this is a free and creative venture we’re taking because we really enjoy animation, but who can say what the future may hold!

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